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Finding a quality industrial tech copywriter that’s experienced at the various types of copy you need is not an easy task.  No doubt, you’ve tried a few writers out, and still looking for someone that gets it, that understands your needs, how it all works, and the experience to get results.

With twelve years in online marketing, I know how to get you the results you need. My samples and testimonials reveal that you’ve found the right copywriting help.

I aim to be the best, as I thoroughly enjoy getting you positive results.  With an execute-benchmark-improve approach, I can help you continuously improve your results.

Site Content Audit

Know what can be done to make your industrial tech website perform at it’s best and bring in more business. I check everything from branding to credibility, user experience, persuasive sales copy, search engine optimization, and competitive analysis. The audit report includes an actionable summary with clear recommendations your web team will understand.

SEO Copywriting

Build long-term assets that will capture the attention of the right audience every day of the year. I help you find the best topics to include that drive highly motivated users to your site. No matter if you are working to improve your branding and credibility, lead generation, sales, or retention, the right SEO plan can help you reach your goals.

Email Copywriting

With a 37x ROI, it’s no wonder emails are a cornerstone of effective industrial tech marketing. I help you with promo sequences, cart-abandonment, broadcasts, dunning, list cleaning, and much more. With smart segmentation, I help you put the right message in front of the right eyes at the right time.

Case Studies

Nobody can resist a capturing story. That’s why case studies are so effective for industrial tech companies. They grab and hold your prospect’s attention, help them identify with the problem described, and imagine themselves receiving the benefits of your solutions. Your credibility is boosted, the sales cycle is reduced, and conversions are improved.

Persuasive Copy

My persuasive copy contains everything required to compel your visitors to action. The copy will be the perfect length and contain the required persuasive elements for the job at hand. No matter if you need ads, opt-ins, product pages, pricing pages, landing pages, sales letters, or VSL’s I have the experience and know-how to handle the job.

Chatbot Design

Chatting is the ultimate engagement tool in our mobile era. With a 70% conversion rate, everyone should be looking at chatbots for their arsenal. They are great for customer service, lead generation, direct sales, and service delivery. As a conversational designer and copywriter, I will build the bot that gets you the results you are needing.

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